Sunday, 17 July 2016

Our Workshop Day !!!!

We arrived at Red Gates School for our workshop on a Friday.
When we arrived at Class 7 our teacher have received our lesson plan and had gathered a wide range of  materials which was really helpful she had created a box for each activity. We had a look through the boxes and found all the materials we had asked for as well as large trays to roll the balls in which saves us having to clear up the floor as much.


Before the children arrived we decided to set up as much as possible. Myself and Mia laid the two large trays on the ground before we taped a few sheets of different coloured paper on them. This was pretty much all the preparation we could do as if we brought all the paints out the children would get distracted.

When the children first came in they completed their normal routine the morning hello, when this came to a finish it was our time to step in. The children were quite hyper and were ready to get involved in a activity.


The teachers sat all the children down while we got two mini trays out of the cupboard ready to begin a demo for the children. Myself and Mia prepared a small tray with paper in an another one with paint in, we then dropped the ball in the paint tray before rolling it around on the paper in the small tray. We showed the children and let some of them have a go. By doing a demo for the children it really helped them later on when they were completing the task.

The Workshop

The teachers helped us to split the children into two groups myself and Mia worked with the separate groups to complete the workshop. We had three trays each filled with paint and we separated the different sized balls between us. In my group we got all the children to sit down around the large tray and I began by dropping and ball in paint and rolling it around the large tray. The teachers helped me to get the children involved handing them the ball and really getting the workshop going We spent a good 10 to 15 minuets helping the children to roll the balls around. Some of the children needed help holding the ball as their grip wasn't as good. The children began to print with their hands so we decided to bring in the second task Mark Making. We bought in some foam stamps and rollers which the children responded to very well they used these over the top of the marks make by rolling the ball covered in paint. A couple children watched but did not get involved as they find it difficult, I helped one boy who needs routine for everything an soon enough he got really involved in the workshop. Once we finished up with the workshop we let the children play outside while myself and Mia cleaned up. We spoke to the teacher afterwards she said that the workshop went really well and it was good to do something with the children that they had never done before. She said that it might have been easier it put the big trays up on the table but other than that the teachers thought the workshop was very successful.


Overall I thought the workshop was very successful it ran very smoothly and I feel that it was stimulating and exciting for the children, I've really enjoyed planning this workshop and getting to know and work with the children. Helping at Red Gates School I've learnt about teaching children with severe learning disabilities, and how challenging it can be, but also how rewarding it is. Planning a lesson suited to your pupils its difficult but it really benefits them in the end. I learnt a lot while doing this project and how helpful art can be for all different people.

These are the large trays with paper before the workshop.

Here is a photo of the work during the activity.

A ball covered in paint.

                                                 These were the stamps the children used.

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