Sunday, 17 July 2016

Class 7 Workshop Plans

This is our lesson plan which we emailed to the Art Coordinator 

Activity 1 - Rolling Ball in Paint
For this activity we could tape down large sheets of paper to the floor in the classroom. We would then make up paint pots in different colours and get different sized balls so the children have a choice between what size they want to use. We will get aprons out of the cupboard. We plan for this to be a whole class activity rather than small groups but if needed we could split them up. We can play music in the background of this task as we know that they respond well to music.

Before the children do the activity, we will do a quick demo so they have an idea of what to do. As we had already prepared the classroom we could start the activity straight away. The children could drop the balls into the paint colour of their choice and then onto the paper and roll it to create different marks and combine different colours. It is all about the movement, expression and keeping them engaged with the activity. We will clean up as the children play outside/listen to music.

Materials List:
-Large sheets of paper (can be coloured).
-Paint (around 4 colours)
-Selection of different sized balls.

Activity 2 - Mark Making
For this activity we would use the box of different painting tools for the children to choose from and set up the tables so that there is two children per table with one large sheet of paper. We will put a tool basket on each table.

We will bring the paint out and we and the TAs can hold the paint and the children can use it when needed. We will guide them into creating different marks will he tools and their hands if they wish. This helps them create different marks they’ve never done before because there’s a large range of tools to choose from, as well as their own hands, that create different marks. Once again, we will clean up as the children play outside/listen to music.

Materials List:
White paper
Paint (mixture of colours)
Tool box (which is kept in the cupboard Class 7)

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