Sunday, 17 July 2016

Finalizing Ideas / Meeting with Art Coordinator

After reviewing all the ideas myself and Mia had come up with we made our decision based on three points.

It needs to be engaging as the children loose interest very quickly.

As they are a very sensory class the activity has to be sensory based.

The art activity should be expressive and something they have never experienced before.

From observing their lessons and studding art for autistic children we came to the conclusion that marking making and ball rolling (rolling ball covered in paint ) would be the best activity's for class 7.
The next step was to bring our two ideas to the head of art at Red Gates School to see if our ideas worked well, we also discussed materials and how these activity's benefit the children.

We had a meeting with the art coordinator and presented our ideas. We talked about how we create two simple very free expressive activity's as the children are so sensory. The teacher agreed with us and really liked the fact we had taken the classes ability into account. The teacher liked the ball rolling activity as the children had never done something quite like this before. Once she gave us the all clear with out activity ideas we then went on to discuss what materials we needed. We talked about paper a mixture of paints trays and different tools for mark making and stamps.

At the end of the meeting she told us to write a lesson plan and a materials list to be emailed to her so she could send it on to the class teachers.

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