Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Generating Ideas for Workshop

The next step if to begin thinking of what art workshops would work well with the children. Class 7 are a very sensory class therefore there ability limits them from completing complicated tasks, I have taken this into account as well as their p levels when generating ideas for Class 7.


Using paper and either chalk of graphite we could then take the paper into the sensory garden over different textures so that they children could feel them, place the paper over and using the tools create rubbings. The only issue is that not all of the children have good grip so they might find this activity challenging.

Rolling Ball in Paint 

For this activity we would tape down large sheets on paper to the floor in the classroom. We would then make up paint pots of different colours the children could drop tennis balls or ping pong balls onto the paper and roll them around creating a large piece of abstract work.


Using Red Gates collage materials we would let the children feel different textures and then they could stick them down in different shape.

Using Their Body 

For this activity the children could use their hands and feet by putting them in paint and printing onto the paper.

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